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Unformatted text preview: Homework 9/18 Identify each problem as type: ”Given location, find slope,” or: ”Given slope, find location.” Then solve each problem. 1. An object is dropped from a tower so that after t seconds its height above ground is h(t) = 100 − 16t2 feet. (a) What is its velocity after 2 seconds? (b) When is its velocity −60 ft/s? (c) What is its velocity at the time when it hits the ground? (d) How high is it when its velocity is −48 ft/s? 1 has a tangent line x that passes through (0, 1.5) as shown at right. 2. The graph of f (x) = 2 1.5 (a) Where is the point of tangency? 1 (b) Find the equation of the tangent line at the point (2, 0.5). Sketch this line in the graph at right. 0.5 –1 0 1 –0.5 2 3 x –1 3. Find the slope of the tangent to y = sin(2x) at the point x = 1. 4. Find one point on the graph of y = sin(2x) where the slope of the tangent line is 1. 1 4 ...
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