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Drama 116 Lecture 5

Drama 116 Lecture 5 - Cicero First orator to emphasize the...

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Development of roman theater Greek Art Architect Philosophy Roman Roman Theater Etruscans Improvised song and dance Atellan Farce Broad, coarse popular comedy Roman Dramatists Plautus Dealt with the tirals and tribulations of romance Comedies resembled modern musical comedies because it was believed that a  majority of the dialogue was sung Ex. The Twin Menaechmi Terrance Characterization Subtlety of expression Elegant language Seneca Closet dramas Written and NOT produced They’re read Upper class didn’t want to go to the theater with lower class
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His characters are overwhelmed by intense emotion Interested in the supernatural Elimination of chorus Musical accompaniment Emphasis on eavesdropping Roman Actors Most were slaves Tone and gestures were appropriate to material
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Unformatted text preview: Cicero First orator to emphasize the body Developed martial exercises and dancing Roman Theater Built flat rather than in a hillside (greek) Stage is elevated Stage was built for outdoor scenes Proskenia- backdrop with 3 doors Orchestra area could be flooded for sea scenes Decline of Roman theater Constantine Rise of Christianity Church believed theater distracted people from religion Disintegration of roman civilization drama- who were the dramatists? What types of dramas did they write? What are elements of their dramas? Theater- what did the theater look like? What changed take place during that period? Actors- what is the life of the actor? What changes take place for the actor?...
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Drama 116 Lecture 5 - Cicero First orator to emphasize the...

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