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Drama 116 Lecture 8

Drama 116 Lecture 8 - Space included stage staggered wings...

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Commedia dell’arte Comedy of a professional player Highly valued because of the high level of performance Improvised Burla- general plot outline for a performance Lazzi- comic routine Ex. Who’s on first (abbot and Costello) Stock characters Panatlone-miserly old man Arlecchino-cunning clown Punch and Judy-lovers Comlumbina- zanni servant Players still used masks to portray characters Italian inspired designs
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Unformatted text preview: Space included stage, staggered wings and a painted backdrop that gave a sense of perspective, vanishing point Italian designer Sebastiano Serlio 1 st theater to use changeable scenery Proscenium arch The most imporatant and long-lasting development of Italian theater design in the mid-1500s was the proscenium arch, a “frame” that surrounds the stage...
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