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Drama 116 Lecture 9

Drama 116 Lecture 9 - The Reign of Queen Elizabeth Born in...

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The Reign of Queen Elizabeth Born in 1533-1603 Known as the Elizabethan age in England The daughter of Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn, who was executed when Elizabeth was only two she reigned as queen from 1558-1603 she never married, and was therefore known as the virgin queen she loved music, dancing, singing, masks and plays expected lavish entertainment died at 70 without naming a successor The Elizabethan Theater They did not specifically aim to provide a moral lesson Entertainment Playwrights were educated men Early dramas were written by the University “wits” The English dramatist absorbed classical training, the tradition of medieval drama and their anglo-culture into dramas Dramatists demonstrated Play of language Rhetorical figures and ambiguities The large open-air theaters, purpose-built as commercial play houses, were an innovation of the 1580s, but their open stages and lack of scenery were common to other places the actors would have performed Halls at court Great houses Inn yards Famous theaters
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