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ChildPsychCS - -All Lincoln does is suck on his fist and...

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-All Lincoln does is suck on his fist and eat! According to Freud, this stage of development is called: oral stage -The first signs of superego development appear during which stage of Freud's psychoanalytic theory? Phallic stage -According to Freud, internalization is: adopting, as one's own, the attributes, beliefs, and standards of another person -Accepting its basic elements, Erikson incorporated social factors into Freud's theory. -Whose theory has the eight stages of development, which include Trust versus Mistrust and Autonomy versus Shame and Doubt? Erikson -Bandura's Bobo doll experiment demonstrated: vicarious reinforcement -To examine children's use of aggression in dealing with social problems, Dodge and his colleagues: present children with hypothetical stories in which one child is the victim of another child's ambiguous actions. -According to evolutionary psychology theory, certain genes predispose individuals to behave in a certain way to increase survival, mating, and reproduction. -Ethology refers to: the study of behavior within an evolutionary context -Which is not a structure of Bronfenbrenner's bioecological model? The micromesosystem -Which has NOT been shown to be a contributor to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder? consumption of food additives and sugar -Which has been shown to be of least concern regarding children's media exposure? social isolation - Of the following, which is NOT associated with growing up in an affluent family? feelings of maternal closeness -It is 4:00 P.M. Janet and Lee are at the boardwalk. Lee wants to eat some cotton candy and pretzels. Janet does not think this is a good idea. Her mom has worked hard to make a special dinner. Janet can see her own point, Lee's point, and her mother's point. According to Selman's stage
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