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Lecture Notes Lecture 1- Sex & Gender 1 - Goffman gender advertisements - Works with 3 categories: ceremony, display, and ritual (all mean the same thing – actions or events that give meaning to social life a set of repeated actions that create the meaning that we can share that allows us to function day-by-day) - Ephermeral and delicate nature of human memory - All societies try and embed dominant meaning into material structures that surround individuals - We rely upon commonly understood shorthand CODES to accomplish this (code is something you share) - SEX= biological characteristics and differences - GENDER = the way the biological differences are made SENSE of within culture - Biologically speaking the idea of two discrete and separate sexes is pretty flawed - In fact diversity and difference seems to be the main characteristic of existence - Maintaining the two sex.two gender distinction requires a lot of work Lecture 2- Sex & Gender 2 - 2 consequences: - 1. It downplays SIMILARITIES between the sexes - 2. It downplays the VARIABILITY within one sex and one gender so it presented that there is only one way to be feminine and one way to be masculine - Puts enormous pressure on people to conform to socially recognizable gender categories - Body postures are DISPLAYS, part of a PERFORMANCE we give to let others know who we are - The body becomes the medium through which we communicate - Best place to see the codes is in ADVERTISING - Goddman calls advertising COMERCIAL REALISM- trying to present the world in ways that could be real - Because advertisers are operating: - A) in an envionment where people are resistant to their messages, and - B) where other advertisers are competing for attention they have to use CODES that are: - 1- Deep - 2. Instantly recognizable - Have to become VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGISTS - Looking at a familiar world in a new way - Two things to keep in mind: 1 How NORMAL the pictures seem - A) feminine touch – ends of fingertips “feminine touch” - Self- touch (touching every single part of body) – face, neck, shoulder, chest, as well as body contortions - B) ritualization of subordination – being defenseless Lecture 3- The codes of gender 1 - Ritualization of subordination: - Lying down – has become sexualized as well (sexual availability) - Female sexuality = submissive and subordinate
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- Female identity- female sexuality - Female sexuality = submissive and subordinate - Leg cant - One leg - Head cant C) licensed withdrawal: women drifting, men wary -D) infantilization:: For boys effort is involved in the transformation into MEN Finger to mouth Lecture 4- Codes of gender 2 -new example of “tough girls” who kick butt and are empowered and violent -these women are active, aggressive and in control Lecture 5-Identity, images, and power - what is the role of advertising within the system of gender displays – Do they create these gender codes? NO! -
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comm288studyguide1 - Lecture Notes Lecture 1 Sex Gender 1...

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