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Anabela dos Ramos February 8, 2010 Instructor: Catherine Dimmitt Reading Response #3 Topic #2 Career development is important in many ways. It helps you decide your career choices, and allows you to follow a career path that satisfies you. By exploring your interests, values, strengths and weaknesses, you are allowing yourself to outline the best career choices for you. By finding the best career choices for you, this gives you the opportunity to visit new and even exciting areas that you did not know of before. Bluestein explains the importance of noticing career barriers and the easy access to wealth and power for certain people. There are a lot of social barriers that are still not fully recognized as what’s keeping what social class behind the other. “One of the most important findings in this body of work is that social class functions to facilitate or inhibit access to the resources and barriers that influence the options that people have in their lives.” (p.175) I find this important because, as we can see today minorities still have
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