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love&work8 - bisexual transgender etc It’s...

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Anabela dos Ramos Love and Work March 29, 2010 Instructor: Carey Dimmitt Sexuality There are many meanings behind sexuality. When I think about sexuality, a lot of things come to mind such as eroticism, sexual orientations, physical attraction and just plain old sex. There are also many things about sexuality that remind me of the stereotypical aspects and meanings of it. I think that sexuality is a big factor and it’s important in so many weird ways. One thing that I notice people seem to have to say about sexuality is that it builds up personal identity and boosts your confidence socially. Could this be true? It’s actually very common in my opinion to hear my friends say that after turning into a “sex fiend” they’re confidence level went up, and they know more people than they thought they’d ever meet. Sex in general brings up a lot of other things. In terms of sexual orientations, when I hear that and most likely when anyone hears that, they think gay, lesbian,
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Unformatted text preview: bisexual, transgender, etc. It’s interesting because everyone has a different meaning for sexuality but it’s very common for people to think about orientations and it can sometimes get stereotypical. Along from sexual desires or being gay, bisexual, or whatever, sexuality also deals with pregnancy and child-birth, emotional stability, pleasure and so on. I think that with that there are risks. Sexually transmitted diseases are the things that you think about the most in terms of riskyness, but there’s also being too attached to your sexual partner too. In most of the readings, a lot of the things that sexuality was centered around was the connection between a person and another in a partner-kind of aspect. I liked this because there were a lot of things that I could relate to. However, one should understand that sexuality has deeper meanings it’s always a joy to think of all the things people talk about when it comes to it....
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love&work8 - bisexual transgender etc It’s...

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