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love&work10 - Anabela dos Ramos Love and Work...

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Anabela dos Ramos April 11, 2010 Love and Work Instructor: Carey Dimmitt Reading Response #10 Questioning Sexual Aggression In the “Handbook of Sexuality in Close Relationships” by J. H. Harvey, A. Wenzel, and S. Spencer, we are introduced to violence in relationships such as sexual aggression. “The term sexual aggression, as it is associated with close relationships, usually refers to interactions where one relationship member asserts his or her sexual wishes on an unwilling partner.” I guess this would be another word for rape right? Sexual aggression usually receives a widespread attention in a lot of areas of research. Why do people get victimized and affected by sexual aggression? I think that sexual aggression is a very serious problem in most heterosexual relationships. Why? I’m not vert sure but one thing that is important to think about is whether or not the people in the relationship thinl about the chances of some type of sexual aggression ever occurring.
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