SBBilingualED - Anabela dos Ramos December 5, 2009...

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Anabela dos Ramos December 5, 2009 Instructor: Shuli Arieh Archer “Children have the right to their own language, their own culture. We must fight cultural hegemony and fight the system by insisting that children be allowed to express themselves…” (Delpit, 37) "They call it SPED class”, says a student at Peck Middle school in Holyoke, MA. Bilingual education has been a controversial matter in many ways. The importance of bilingual education has devalued in different areas of Massachusetts. At the Peck school in Holyoke, MA, bilingual education seems to be less of a concern being incorporated in any courses offered at the school. In general, bilingual education is an opportunity to continue to grow linguistically and improve on your native language or as a new language. It is identified as a great opportunity for public schools around the nation who deal with native and non-native English speakers allowing it to also become useful in the future. Bilingual education is depicted in many ways. It involves teaching most subjects in school through two different languages. It serves to teach non-English speaking children their native language, and continue to learn in their native language. There are many different forms of teaching within the bilingual education such as the Dual language Immersion that’s designed to help native and non-native English speakers become bilingual and biliterate. Though many schools continue to offer bilingual education, many educators refuse to provide lessons for bilingual education because they believe that it fails to give students the basic education to explore culture. Not only is bilingual education important to me, but I find it essential to learn about
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SBBilingualED - Anabela dos Ramos December 5, 2009...

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