EN 108 - ENGR1412 FA10

EN 108 - ENGR1412 FA10 - ENGR 1412 Midterm A Question(Pts...

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ENGR 1412 Midterm A Tuesday October 12 th 2010 EN108 2:00-2:50pm Name _________________________________ Section _________ Read the entire exam. There should be eight (8) pages (last page is blank). There are six (6) problems on the exam; each worth between 12 to 20 points (as marked). If you have any questions regarding a specific test problem during the exam, please raise your hand and someone will come speak with you. If you get stuck on one problem move to another that seems easier to you. Place all answers on this test form. While you are free to use scrap paper, do NOT submit any answers on scrap paper (Answers not marked on the exam will not be accepted). You will not need a calculator. Calculators, laptops, or any other electronic device (cell phone, PDA, etc.) may not be used during the exam . Turn off all electronic devices. The test is open book, open notes; but closed communication. Any indication of copying or communication (including the use of a cell phone) will result in an exam grade of zero. Please use dark pencil - easily read by us, and easily erased by you. If you need to place your answer other than where the problem indicates, use the back of an exam page and clearly indicate where we can find your answer. One additional page (final page) is blank in the event you need scrap paper or more space for either question #5 or question #6 We will provide 10-minute, 5-minute, and 1-minute end-of-test warnings. Any exams submitted more than 1-minute late will have 10 points deducted for each full minute: DEDUCTION = 10 * INT(SubmissionTimeMinutes – EndOfTestTimeMinutes) Question (Pts) Scores #1 ( 15 ) #2 ( 12 ) #3 ( 15 ) #4 ( 18 ) #5 ( 20 ) #6 ( 20 ) Total (100pts)
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EN 108 - ENGR1412 FA10 - ENGR 1412 Midterm A Question(Pts...

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