ENGR1412 Assignment Submission FA11

ENGR1412 Assignment Submission FA11 - ENGR1412 INTRODUCTORY...

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ENGR1412 – INTRODUCTORY COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS DR. AJ JOHANNES, FALL 2011 1 of 6 Assignment Submission: Electronic and Hard Copy Formatting Assignments are to be submitted both electronically (via the DropBox on D2L) and as a paper copy at the beginning of the lab on the day due. As part of all submissions you will be asked to write-up a discussion / validation Memo describing the assignment as well as the EXCEL file containing your solution(s). Memo File(s) The assignment you submit to your lab primary TA should be formatted as a professional memo; as if you were reporting to a boss or colleague. As such, you open your memo with a salutation addressing the recipient by name. You should then quickly explain the purpose of the memo, provide a description of the problem being addressed (your description of the problem statement), the steps taken in solving the problem (the how and what you programmed), and the methods you have used to confirm your solution (validation). This is in addition to the actual problem (programmed) solution. In MS-Word (any word processor will suffice) create a new document, a Memo for your validation and program discussion. This file should have the following format / contents: To: Name of your Primary TA From: Your Name Date: Today’s Date Subject: Project#X Discussion and Validation
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ENGR1412 Assignment Submission FA11 - ENGR1412 INTRODUCTORY...

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