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ENGR 1412 - INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER PROGRAMMING J OHANNES, FALL 2011 1 of 3 Project #3 - Due during the Week of Sept 19-23, 2010 (Beginning of Labs) 1) Write SUB program(s) to perform the following operations: a. Simulate a Cut-Paste operation (data only), given the source and destination cell info. Your program should get data in the source cell and transfer it to the destination cell. The program should also clear the data from the sourse cell once it has been transferred to the destination cell. Ex. Input: Source (Row = 3, Column = 5); Destination (Row = 17, Column = 9) b. Given a two digit number as input, reverse the digits to obtain a new number. Ex. Input = 23 Output = 32 c. Convert a four digit binary number (base 2) to its decimal equivalent (base 10) Ex. Input = 0110 Output = 0 X 2 3 + 1 X 2 2 + 1 X 2 1 + 0 X 2 0 = 6 2) Write SUB program that mimics a customized scientific calculator with the ability to carry out the calculations listed below. Use the InputBox( ) function to ask for users’ data and echo the input data to a worksheet. Write VBA program(s) to: a. Perform unit conversions for Temperature ( o F o C), Length (ft m), Area (ft 2 in 2 ), Time (min sec), and Speed (km/hr mph) for the input at the user’s direction (each mathematical calculation group represents an individual Sub program). Hint : Write and debug one Sub program, then copy-and-paste that program, and edit to build each of the other Sub programs. b.
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