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SAMPLE QUIZ #1 ENGR1412 50 PTS, 15 Mins Name: _______________________________________ Features Points Grade 1 – GPP 10 2 – Command Button 08 3 – Cell I/O, Formatting 12 4 – Variable declaration and use 12 5 - Program Works 08 Total 50 Write a VBA Sub-program to determine the average number of books in libraries in USA. Steps: 1. Create a spreadsheet as shown below: 2. Write a sub-program which will take the numbers from the spreadsheet into variables. 3. Calculate average and store it in a variable. 4. Display the calculated variable back in the worksheet.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Include a piece of code in your sub-program to change the font color of the cell immediately to the right of the cell “Average” to Red. 6. Create button to run the sub-program. (Also practice the quiz using functions, input boxes and message boxes) NOTES : • You may use MS-Excel and/or VBA Help files during the quiz (always) • Be sure to include Header/comment information in your program • Use good programming practice (GPP) in your finished program. REMEMBER - DO ONE THING AT A TIME....
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