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conjoint - Measuring Utility Syed Ferhat Anwar Chief...

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Measuring Utility Syed Ferhat Anwar Chief Advisor, BBF & Professor, IBA January, 2008
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Measurement Model The true power of brand is captured through its intangible values, which is now recognized to capture majority of the value of a company. This asset also requires capital investment like other. Progressive companies and enlightened management recognize the need for appropriate communication spending. But this spending makes sense only when the return far outweighs the investment. Variables: Best brand of Bangladesh will recognize and reward brands that capture the true essence of branding. Following areas will be analyzed to arrive at the best brand 1. Emotional Connection: Does the brand connect with people on an emotional level? This will look at the heart share and collect information through customer survey. Some of the concepts that will be measured will include a. Loyalty b. Intention to purchase c. Uniqueness d. Attitude towards brand e. Major personality attributes f. Product utility 2. Value: Does the brand deliver a good value for the price? This will collect
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