Lect+5+Fall+2011 - 1 Campfiresmoke&mixture Chapter1...

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8/29/2011 1 Chapter 1: The Air we Breathe (continued) Aug. 31/2011 Which example is in correctly paired with its classification? 1. Campfire smoke & mixture 2. Table salt & element 2 3. Air in lecture room & mixture 4. Sugar & compound Review from Last Class Risk assessment NAAQS Table Differences between compounds and mixtures? 3 Atoms and Molecules In the 5 th century, it was proposed that all matter consisted of very small, indivisible particles ( atomos, Greek for “uncuttable”) Atoms: the smallest unit of an element that can exist as a stable, independent entity Is it possible to “cut” atoms further? Billions of times smaller than anything we can see 4
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8/29/2011 2 Definitions, Revisited Elements: made up of atoms of __?__ Compounds: made up of the atoms of __?__ Molecule: fixed number of atoms (at least two) held together by chemical bonds in a certain spatial arrangement How do molecules and compounds differ? 5 Molecules can Contain… atoms of the same element atoms of two or more elements 6 Choose the best answer: nitrogen is… 1. A pure substance 2. An element 3. A molecule 7 4. 1 and 2 5. 1 and 3 6. 1, 2, 3 Choose the best
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Lect+5+Fall+2011 - 1 Campfiresmoke&mixture Chapter1...

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