Lect+8+Fall+2011 - 9/8/2011 Iftheoxygensupplyislimitedwhich

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9/8/2011 1 Chapter 1: The Air we Breathe (continued) Sept. 9/2011 If the oxygen supply is limited which products form as a result of a combustion reaction? 1. CO and H 2 O 2. CO 2 and H 2 O 2 3. O 2 and N 2 4. CO 2 and CO What is the main source of O 3 ? 1. On road vehicles 2. Non road vehicles 3 Both 1 and 2 3 3. Both 1 and 2 4. Electricity generation 5. None of the above Ozone Ozone does not come out of the tailpipe nor is it produced when coal is burned to generate electricity It is produced from the chemical reactions among two or more pollutants 4
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9/8/2011 2 Ozone Level Maps a) Around what time does the level of ozone peak? b) Can moderate levels of ozone exist in the absence of sunlight? (sunset is around 8 p.m.) Ozone level maps for a summer day in California 6 am 10 am 12 pm 4 pm 10 pm Formation of Ground Level Ozone Reaction: NO x + VOC + sunlight = ozone Tail pipe engines produce NO In the presence of VOCs and •OH, NO Æ NO 2 Role of the sun: NO 2 Æ NO + O* (splits in presence of sunlight ) O* + O 2 Æ O 3 (where does O 2 come from?) 6 How do high levels of O 3 affect you? Respiratory system irritation Reduced lung function Aggravate asthma/emphysema/bronchiti Aggravate asthma/emphysema/bronchitis Inflame and damage cells that line lungs
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Lect+8+Fall+2011 - 9/8/2011 Iftheoxygensupplyislimitedwhich

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