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9/9/2011 1 Library Sessions 9/20 Tues 11:15 am 12:05 pm 9/20 Tues 2:15 pm 3:05 pm 9/21 Wed 4:25 pm 5:15 pm 9/22 Thurs 9:05 am 9:55 am 9/22 Thurs 10:10 am 11:00 am 9/23 Fri 12:45 pm 1:35 pm Sessions hold 40 students (sign up now, or after class) Enter B.E.S.T. library on Roudebush side, walk past front desk (on the right), go to end of hall (on right) 1 Review from Last Lecture Formation of ozone? Indoor air pollutants (sources?) Reactivity, persistence, air exchange Smoking: _______ deaths/year Radon: _______ deaths/year 2 nd hand smoke: _______ deaths/year 2 Chapter 2: Protecting the Ozone Layer Sept. 12/2011 The Atmosphere Troposphere: region of the atmosphere directly above the surface of the Earth (where air pollutants are, Ch. 1) Stratosphere: above troposphere, includes ozone layer (Ch. 2) Mesosphere: 50 km and above
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9/9/2011 2 The Ozone Layer Stratospheric ozone plays a vital role in protecting the Earth’s surface (and us!) from damaging solar radiation In the 1970’s it was revealed that certain 1970 s, chemicals go into the upper atmosphere and destroy the protective ozone Since then, there has been an effort to control and reverse ozone destruction 5 The Ozone Hole, Ozone Depletion 6 One Dobson unit (DU) is about one ozone molecule for every billion (1 x 10 9 ) molecules and atoms of air Sept. 2011; courtesy of NASA The Ozone Hole How does it affect
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Lect+9+Fall+2011 - 9/9/2011 LibrarySessions...

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