Lect+11+Fall+2011 - Mass,atomic,atomicweight Isotopes...

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9/15/2011 1 Chapter 2: Protecting the Ozone Laye the Ozone Layer (continued) Sept. 19/2011 Review from Last Lecture Mass #, atomic #, atomic weight Isotopes Reminder: library sessions (sign up sheets posted on Niihka), 116 Laws Hall, they start Tuesday, class cancelled Friday 2 A bond between atoms contains: 1. Zero electrons 2. 1 electron 3 2 electron 3 3. 2 electrons 4. 4 electrons 5. 6 electrons What is a “polyatomic” structure? 1. Structure with only one atom involved 2. Structure with two atoms involved 3 Structure with three atoms involved 4 3. Structure with three atoms involved 4. Structure with four atoms involved 5. Structure with many atoms involved
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9/15/2011 2 Rules for Lewis Structures (polyatomic) 1) Place atoms relative to one another (how to determine central atom?) 2) Determine total valence electrons 3) Draw single bonds to connect atoms ( subtract two electrons per bond) 4) Distribute remaining electrons in pairs Examples: 5 Formula vs. Lewis Structure
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Lect+11+Fall+2011 - Mass,atomic,atomicweight Isotopes...

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