Lect+12+Fall+2011 - 9/19/2011 ReviewfromLastLecture

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9/19/2011 1 Chapter 2: Protecting the Ozone Laye the Ozone Layer (continued) Sept. 21/2011 Review from Last Lecture General guidelines for Lewis structures Lewis structures (SiCl 4 ) 2 Light We need to learn about the fundamental properties of light The sun’s “rays of light” consist of energy or radiation We see only visible light (all the different colors of the rainbow) Not all radiation is identical Whole spectrum of different radiations 3 Light Each color can be identified by its wavelength (a number); wave length tells us that light behaves like a wave (think ocean waves) Two properties to conside Two properties to consider Wavelength: distance between successive peaks; length (think meters); symbol is λ (lambda) Frequency: number of waves (cycles) passing a fixed point in 1 second; symbol is ν (nu) 4
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9/19/2011 2 Light Shown: waves of different wavelength and frequency Which wave is longer (i.e. bigger value for 5 wavelength)? Which wave has more cycles per second (i.e. higher frequency )? Which wave has the highest frequency and therefore the shortest wavelength?
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Lect+12+Fall+2011 - 9/19/2011 ReviewfromLastLecture

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