Lect+13+Fall+2011 - Resonancestructures (wavelength...

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9/22/2011 1 Chapter 2: Protecting the Ozone Laye the Ozone Layer (continued) Sept. 26/2011 Review from Last Lecture Resonance structures Light has wave properties (wavelength, frequency, speed of light) Quantized energy 2 How Damage Happens Sun bombards Earth with photons Æ living things absorb these photons IR rays: make molecules move, rotate, vibrate UV rays: have enough energy to break bonds In living things, such changes disrupt cells and create potential for genetic defects and cancer Radiation and Matter The interaction of light and matter explains both the damage UV light can cause AND the mechanism that protects us from it Solar radiation’s effects are lessened by passing through O 2 (air) and through O 3 (stratosphere) ABC’s of solar UV radiation 4
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9/22/2011 2 UV Range (~200 400 nm) 5 Your sunscreen bottle should say: 1. Protects against UV A rays 2. Protects against UV B rays 3 Protects against UV C ray 6 3. Protects against UV
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Lect+13+Fall+2011 - Resonancestructures (wavelength...

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