mth 121 exam 2 review - MTH121Exam 2 Review Chapter 3 4...

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MTH121—Exam 2 Review Chapter 3 & 4 Reviews are not comprehensive. Homework and worksheets should also be reviewed for the exam. 1. State the identity element for whole-number addition. 2. If b is a whole number, then 0 b = 0 and 0 b is undefined. Explain. 3. Division of whole numbers can be interpreted as repeated subtraction. Give an example. 4. The set of whole numbers is closed for addition. 5. The numbers 63 and 37 are considered compatible for whole number addition. 6. The equation 13+8+2=13+2+8 can be justified using which properties of whole number addition? 7. Explain how the sum 48 + (37 +52) can be simplified using whole number properties. 8. Does commutativity hold for division? Explain. 9. Given n(A B)= n(A)+n(B) for all finite sets A and B. What must be true about sets A and B. Give an example of sets when this statement would be true. 10. Draw a diagram that clearly explains the problem 3 + 2 using a measuremen t model . 11. Draw a diagram that shows the problem 9 - 6 using the take away approach . 12. Show that 2<3 using methods of ordering whole numbers.
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13. If the following sets are closed under addition, write closed . If the set is not closed, give an example that shows why it is not closed. {4,
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mth 121 exam 2 review - MTH121Exam 2 Review Chapter 3 4...

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