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mth121 sec 1.1 polya's 4 steps - HOW TO SOLVE IT UNDERSTAND...

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Unformatted text preview: HOW TO SOLVE IT UNDERSTAND AND PICTURE THE PROBLEM First, understand and picture the problem What is the question? What ie the data? What is the unknown? . . Identify sufficient information needed to solve the problem. . Draw a figure. Write suitable notation. . Separate the various parts of the problem. UOLTJD> DEVISE A PLAN A. Have you seen thie type of problem before? connection between B. Do you know at related problem? Do you have a the data and the theorem that. is useful? unknown. You may 0. In there a problem similar to yours which was solved consider on before? Can you use its result? Can you use its auxiliary problem. method? I Deviae a plan {or the D. Beetate the problem. Go back to definitions. solution. E. lfyou cannot solve the proposed problem, try to solve a related problem. Imagine a more general problem. 50ch part of the problem. DeriVe something useful from the data. F. Did you use all pertinent data? Second, find the EXECUTE THE PLAN Third, carry out Carry out your plan of the solution. Check each stop. your plan. CHECK YOUR WORK A. Check the result? B. Is the result reasonable? C. Was the questioo answered? Fourth. examine the solution obtained. ""w ‘wJ¢H§"-Ziiwfi%‘.iudfim‘ '—"Jii'-£nE-'Wn-1-u' " llama—dew ' ‘ hm’ olw4flI—Jnli‘d-‘dyov'.u—‘h-d m... I ...
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