May 12 - Karina Santana March 12, 2010 Conflict and...

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Karina Santana March 12, 2010 Conflict and negotiation reimbursement Chapter 3 It’s always advisable to depersonalize a problem. When it gets personal you view your actions etc. in a positive light and your opponents in a negative light. The following question should be asked an answered to stay issues oriented. 1. How would we know the problem has been solved? 2. How would we know that we reached our goals? 3. Will a neutral third party agree that we settled our differences? 4. Have we left any important issues un-addressed? 5. Have we disinctfranchized any important issues? According to getting to yes you must understand and then satisfy each other interest. You have to invent original solutions in order to satisfy each other interest. EX: you and your friend are in the library - he wants to open the window to get fresh air- you are in recovery from a cold and hate drafts you start fighting with him over the window- a wise librarian decides to make piece-by satisfying both of your interest- she opens a window in another room real wide-the fresh air filters in without a draft. Both the interest are satisfied. EX: a recruiter wants to hire you straight out of college for 35,000/year- you wouldn’t work for less then 40,000/year. You are ready to get up and leave -recruiter must ask him why does that person want 40,000? – The student answers I have to pay tuition for my next degree and its expensive. The recruiter explains not only do we offer medical we also offer tuition reimbursement as long as you get at least a B in all of your courses. Upon hearing this, the student agrees to 35,000/year. We divide interest into severable distinct categories. 1. Substantive (division of resources) 2. Process issues (how the negotiations will take place) EX: when president Nixon decided to pull out of Vietnam he send Henry Keenshever over to revive the stall
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negotiation with the Vietnamese. They had stalled over the negotiation table. Henry
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May 12 - Karina Santana March 12, 2010 Conflict and...

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