May 14 - Karina Santana May 14, 2010 Final: 5/21:room 421A:...

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Karina Santana May 14, 2010 Final: 5/21:room 421A: 10:30-12:30: 40 multiple choice PG 121 chapter 5- chapter 9 Persuasive Styles 1. Encourage active participation. People are more likely to change their attitudes and beliefs when they are actively involved in the process. Why? When you insert ethic, which leads to involvement you change your attitude. 2. Intensity of language has a major affect on persuasiveness. EX: this is certainly the nest price that you would get. It is more persuasive than this is quite a good price. Color metaphors, a change in information and the use of action words are also affective. This applies to normal situations. However, people under stress respond better to a soothing speech. 3. Using threats and in sighting fear must be used traditions. These are useful to help you threatened your points. a. Threats appear more powerful to the threatened then to the threaten. Very often the threaten party will call your bluff. Additionally following through on a threat can be costly to the threatened. b. Another downside to using threats is that you lose commitment in the relationship. c. If you are going to use threat timing is all-important. If threats have to make at the outset of the negotiation they should be implicit. If they are going to be made at the end of the negotiation they should be explicit. 4. Violating the receiver’s expectation can be expected. People that are loud radicals become quite conservatives when speaking to older wealthy people. EX: When
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comptroller NICHOL ran governor against governor Pataki he appeared on all of the radio programs in NYC. When he spoke on WEBI he was a bomb-throwing terrorist. When he spoke on WABC he was an ultra supporter of the wealthy class. HE knew how to address his audience. 5. The type of delivery can also be used to violate expectations. Moderate reasonable speech causes readers to lower their guard. This means they don’t listen to your content and don’t analyze it. President Kennedy was and president Obama is a master of this technique. Peripheral influence is inquired strictly be framing. The way you express yourself wins people over. This usually works with people that are unmotivated concerning the issue. Aspects of peripheral influence are choosing the right format for your speech. And using
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May 14 - Karina Santana May 14, 2010 Final: 5/21:room 421A:...

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