French Revolution 1st paper

French Revolution 1st paper - Karina Santana November 23,...

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Karina Santana November 23, 2010 Hello my fellow French man, Its very unfortunate to see how divided the French people are during this time of crisis. These are the times when we ought to unite yet we choose to do otherwise because of serious disagreements. As a noble man, I believe my voice and that of the clergy should be taken into consideration on the case of the civil constitution of the clergy. I am sure many believe that those resisting to sign the obligatory oath are against the general will of the people of France, but this is not the case. The obligatory oath, “ which is instructed to them, to be faithful to the nation, to the law and to the king” (Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France, pg 63), will take power and land away from the church. In addition, it does not guarantee the clergy that after signing the oath they will be protected. In fact, upon taking the oath some men were murdered by the people of France. People of France, I ask you to look at the bigger picture forcing these men sign the oath will go against our beliefs about the protection of property. Signing the oath will take property away from the church. Is this really for the majority will? Are we allowing
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French Revolution 1st paper - Karina Santana November 23,...

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