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Paper on Successor - Karina Santana November 1 2010...

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Karina Santana November 1, 2010 Successor Dear illustrious Wan-Li, As a fellow secretary, I feel that it is my job to tell you about how the topic on the succession cannot be ignored anymore. Confucianism teaches us that; “the ruler should employ the service of his subjects in accordance to the rites. A subject should serve his ruler by doing his best”(The analects, III-19). To my understanding this analects means that I should do my best to live by the rites, but your duty as ruler is to completely follow the rites. If this is the case, then I urge you to name the first son as successor. The first son should be the successor in order to keep the Mantle of Heaven under your family. Confucius highly believes that all of our choices must be carefully evaluated in order to prevent consequences that may result to a loss of the Mantle of Heaven: “Oh! Shun, The succession ordained by Heaven, has fallen on thy person, Hold thou truly to the middle way. If the Empire should be reduced to dire straits The honors bestowed on thee by Heaven will be terminated for ever.” (The Analects XX-1) Confucius states that,” There are, are their not, young plants that fail to produce blossoms, and blossoms that fail to produce fruit” (Confucius pg.99). Although it may seem to you that your first son is not a blossom now, who is to say that he wouldn’t transform into one upon receiving classes on the rites, etc. On the other hand, your third
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Paper on Successor - Karina Santana November 1 2010...

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