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Revision to citizenship paper - Karina Santana September...

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Karina Santana September 22, 2010 Citizenship in Athens Who is an Athenian citizen? According to Athenian law, it is an Athenian man who is born from two Athenian parents. Therefore, Metics and ex-slaves should not receive the honor of being considered Athenian citizens. It is absurd enough that we are allowing foreigners to move into our communities. It is ridiculous that some of these Metics have more wealth then our Athenian brothers. Those in support of giving citizenship to non-Athenians should be ashamed of themselves. Allowing Metics and Ex-slaves citizenship, results in less pride within the real Athenian community. As an Athenian fishmonger full of pride and dignity, I refuse to support the idea that Metics and ex-slaves should gain the right to citizenship. In our society we should be able to differentiate between social classes. It is impossible to achieve true equality in any
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society. By allowing Metics and ex-slaves to have rights, we are ignoring our past and the battles fought for our freedom. It would be forgetting that our ancestors fought the amazons with Theseus and the Persians with Themistocles, for Athenians. War at present time, would mean our children would fight and not the children of Metics and ex-slaves. We can all agree that city-state are preferred over a national state. Mainly because our citizens meet in a single
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Revision to citizenship paper - Karina Santana September...

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