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march 10 - Karina Santana Classical Culture C.C 1.1 Lecture...

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Karina Santana March 10, 2010 Classical Culture C.C. 1.1: Lecture Class Outline for today’s class 1. History of Greece 7: The Peloponnesian War Parte 2. The aftermath of the Peloponnesian war: The trial of Socrates a. Socrates and Greek philosophy b. Plato’s apology and the trial of Socrates ***Peloponnesian war: Athens strategy is to build a wall around themselves. Secure their city and ships. Their power was the navy: the trireme- 3 different levels of rowler I. The Peloponnesian war (431-404 B.C.) a. Set back of 413 B.C. a.i. Sicily: Athens sent their ships to Sicily a.ii. Alcibiades: a commander/ part of aristocracy a.ii.1. Doesn’t return to Athens a.ii.2. Betrays Athens and leaves to Sparta a.ii.3. Who then leaves to the Persians b. 412 B.C. Spartan army surrounds Athens b.i. Democracy almost collapsed b.ii. In Athens people have a say c. 411 B.C. oligarchic coup in Athens c.i. Overthrow of state by the means of military c.ii. Led by Alcibiades c.iii. Assembly votes itself out of existence
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c.iii.1. Form council of 400 c.iii.2.
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