Lab #7 - Name: Karina Santana Section: NET1K Lab...

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Section: NET1K Lab Instructor: Professor Medieldea Last 4 digits of your SS#: 2550 Assignment #7: Ecological Niche Instructions: Please read the required information about this experiment in the link below before starting the experiment 1) Locate the virtual Lab Bench @ 2) Select “Ecological Niche” from Properties of Microbes 3) Read the web page. You will need this information to answer the questions. 4) Utilize the links on the bottom of the page to conduct experiments to determine the optimum temperature and pH for the four microbes below that match the last 4 numbers of your social security number. If you have duplicate numbers, or 0 or 9 in your SSN pick a microbe randomly. THE LIST OF ORGANISMS: 1. Scribio euglensis 2. Falitius rebrantus 3. Rambies uglitus 4. Pseudomonas retii 5. Escherichia coli 6. Sulfolobus litia 7. Leuconostoc botolus 8. Neisseria atol Hint: Use the link to begin growing cells for determining the optimum condition . 5) Record the results in your Tables of Results (Temperature, pH) provided on the following pages 6) Fill in Table 3 with the optimal pH and temperature for each of your four microbes. Hint: the highest log value equals the optimum pH or temperature.
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Lab #7 - Name: Karina Santana Section: NET1K Lab...

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