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Name: Karina Santana Lab section code: NET1K Lab instructor Name: Medialdea Laboratory One: The Scientific Method Part One: Hypothesis - sore feet can predict the weather. Read the material in this lab. When you reach the first experiment, click on the link: “ can my feet predict the weather Then click on the “Sore Feet” button 10 times to get your 10 observations. 1. Record your observations in the chart below : (1 point) Sore Feet occur Weather at that time was: 1 Snow 2 Cloud 3 Sun 4 Cloud 5 Cloud 6 Snow 7 Cloud 8 Cloud 9 Rain 10 Fog Then click on “results” and record that. Number of observations=10 Number of times it rained= 2 It rained 20 percent of the time when Brother Gregory had sore feet 2. State your conclusion in a full sentence: From the results above can sore feet predict the weather? Why or why not? (1 points) Sore feet cannot predict the weather. This was proven by conducting an experiment in which the weather was recorded in condulcent with sore feet. This experiment demonstrated that only two times out of ten that Brother Gregory had sore feet did it actually rain.
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Part Two: Effect of atmospheric conditions on weather that occurs. Make 2 hypotheses about how each of the weather conditions in the table below relate to the potential for rain to occur (2 points) High pressure/Hot temperature will more likely produce more rain. Low pressure/cool temperature will more than likely produce more snow than it will of rain. Click on the link; “ can the environment predict the weather ”.
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Lab 1 - Name Karina Santana Lab section code NET1K Lab...

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