Case study # 5 - supervisors In the meanwhile the...

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Karina Santana November 30, 2009 Business 50.1 Case Study: “Ramrod Stockwell” 1. The type of products and technology that Benson metals use is Aerospace products. A lot of their technology required research skills and analyzing, as well as, hands on work from the employees. These products have been changing recently because in order to make the aerospace products there needed to be more study conducted, regulations to be followed and special steels that were more expensive. 2. The problems that Benson Metals is encountering as it changes its products and technologies are; increase in competition and price-cutting, difficulties with new materials and inadequate facilities for an upcoming business. 3. The cause of this problem is that Stockwell fails to give authority to his subordinates. There are a lot of employees that do not do the task of their job title. One of the reasons why they are not doing what they have to is because Stockwell gives responsibilities to certain individuals that are suppose to listen to their
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Unformatted text preview: supervisors. In the meanwhile, the supervisors are not overseeing the jobs performed. 4. In the past the function that had the most power was the Production group. The production groups were the ones that held most of the information and would sometimes keep that information to them. Sales depended on the Production division in order to perform their task. As with any other firm another group that would have all the power is Top management, especially Stockwell, who kept most of his information to himself because he tried to be on top of everything at all times. Recently the relationship between sales and production has shifted. There used to be unreliable information for the sales team, but now there is more of collaboration between both divisions. 5. If it were my company I would make decision making decentralized. This way everyone in each division knows what is going on in the business. This would also allow employees to learn more and will motivate them to do their jobs....
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Case study # 5 - supervisors In the meanwhile the...

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