case study #1 - Karina Santana September 16, 2009 Business...

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Karina Santana Business 50.1 September 16, 2009 Professor Belau Case Study # 1 1. Critically evaluate George Brown's management style. What does he do well or poorly? George Brown’s management style is very conservative. George Brown has three rules that he feels is crucial for a business to have in order to be successful. They are; “If you can’t afford to buy something than don’t”, pay all your bills on time and don’t borrow money, “nobody should work for nothing”. Due to these rules he has made a personal goal that all of this employees would make at least 10,000/year. What he does exceptionally well is that he has his business follow the same moral standards that he does. In the case study, Mr. Brown, confesses that his morality has kept him from allowing UPI to grow as much as it could have. He is a very honest person, is not money hungry, has an employee-employer relationship (his doors are always open). By having an employee-employer relationship Mr. Brown would allow his workers to feel comfortable at work and keep them happy, as well as, lets them know that he is still in charge. Another management skill that he does well is that he pushes his employees to their fullest potential. In the case study George Brown states that he puts a lot of responsibility on his employees because he wants them to reach their potential. The things that I would consider that Mr. Brown does poorly are; he has no job
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case study #1 - Karina Santana September 16, 2009 Business...

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