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Project assignment - GEOG 1113 Fall 2011 A Graham Digital...

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GEOG 1113, Fall 2011 A. Graham 1 Digital Photo Project An important aspect of geographic research is fieldwork; the purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the type of fieldwork a geographer might do. This project is intended to help you take the concepts we have been talking about in class and “see” them on the landscape. To complete the assignment: 1. Choose 20 terms on the list below that you wish to photograph and learn more about. 2. Take a digital picture of a place that represents each term. Each term and each picture should be unique (i.e. do not use the same term twice and do not use the same picture to represent more than one term). IMPORTANT : The photos MUST be taken during this semester and must be original! You must be present in each photograph to prove that the photo is your original picture so you may need to work with a friend/classmate/family member, etc. If you would rather, you may also choose to have a unique item that represents you in each of your photos (i.e. a keychain, a stuffed animal, a shoe, etc.). If you use such an item, it must be present and visible in EVERY photo and you must use the same item in every photo. 3. Create a PowerPoint presentation (.ppt or .pptx only; NO other file formats will be accepted) and insert one photo on each slide. The photos MUST be at least 5” by 7” in size on the slide (i.e. it must take up the majority of the space on the slide). 4. Write a short paragraph (50-75 words) for each slide that includes the following: a. the concept you are representing and a brief definition of the concept b. what the photo is of and where it was taken c. how the place in the photo represents the specific concept The paragraph should be inserted onto the PowerPoint slide as a text box. The size of the text
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Project assignment - GEOG 1113 Fall 2011 A Graham Digital...

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