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Unformatted text preview: INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY GEOG 1113 (Fall 2011) Sec. 009 TR 9:00 10:30AM, SMH 035 Sec. 006 TR 12:30 1:45PM, LSE 217 Instructor: Amy Graham Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays Office: 414 Murray Hall 10:45am ­12:00pm Phone: 744 ­3792 or by appointment Email: [email protected] Mailbox: 337 Murray Hall Course Description: A thematic approach to the study of human groups and activities around the world, including agricultural practices, demographic trends, political behavior, religious beliefs, language patterns, folk and popular cultures, ethnicity and ethnic landscapes, urbanization and industrialization. Geography courses are intended to help students understand why things are where they are on the surface of the earth. In other words, students will develop a spatial perspective in thinking about their surroundings. In this course, we will develop this spatial perspective as it pertains to certain aspects of culture, such as cultural diversity around the world, religion, language, ethnicity, rural and urban culture, geodemography, and globalization. We will learn how these aspects of culture spread across the globe, how they interact with each other and with their natural environment to create a mosaic of ever ­changing cultural landscapes within which everyone experiences life. Required Textbook: Greiner, Alyson L. Visualizing Human Geography. First Edition. 2011. Course Outline/Requirements: Exams – There will be a total of 3 exams, each worth 100 points. The exams will consist of 50 multiple ­choice and true/false questions. The material covered on the exams will come from in ­class lectures and from assigned textbook chapters. Study guides will be posted on D2L before each exam date. The final exam is not comprehensive. Papers/Project – There will be two homework assignments that will be assigned over the course of the semester. The first assignment will be a 2 ­3 page typed essays worth 50 points. This paper is not a traditional research paper and will be based on your own experiences. The final assignment will be a project requiring some fieldwork on your part, and will be worth a total of 100 points. Details of these assignments will be provided later during the semester. 1 Online quizzes – There will be a total of 10 online quizzes worth 20 points each. The quizzes will total 200 points towards your final grade. Each quiz will cover one chapter in the book and all answers may be found in the book Visualizing Human Geography. The quizzes may be found on the Online Classroom ( under the tab labeled “Quizzes”. Each quiz will be timed and you will have 2 hours to finish the quiz once you have started it (therefore, it is recommended that you read the assigned chapter before beginning the quiz). You will only have one attempt at each quiz (in other words, once you start a quiz, you must finish it before logging out again). Do not forget to click on the “Submit” button when you have finished the quiz. The quiz for each week will be available from 8:00am Monday until 5:00pm Friday of the week the quiz is due. If you miss a quiz, it will not be available in the future and you will receive a zero for that quiz grade. Grading: Exams (100 x 3) 300 points A = 100.0%  ­ 90.0% = 650  ­ 585 points Quizzes (10 x 20) 200 points B = 89.99%  ­ 80.0% = 584  ­ 520 points Paper 50 points C = 79.99%  ­ 70.0% = 519  ­ 455 points Photo Project 100 points D = 69.99%  ­ 60.0% = 454  ­ 390 points Total: 650 points F = 59.99%  ­ 0.00% = 389 points and below The above grade distribution is final and I do not round grades up; therefore, if you have a final grade of 584 points, you will receive a B in the class. Please note: I cannot discuss your grades over email or over the phone; if you have a question or concern about your grade in the class, please come see me in person. Attendance and Participation: Regular attendance is vital to succeeding in GEOG 1113; therefore, it is expected that you will come to class prepared for each lecture. While there is no official grade assigned for attendance, I will award bonus points to those students who regularly attend class (worth 20 points for the semester). If you miss more than 5 classes throughout the semester for any reason, you will NOT receive the attendance bonus. I will take roll at the beginning of each class session. If you are not in your seat when roll is taken, you will be counted absent for that class period. Also, if you leave early from class, your name will be removed from the class roll for that day and you will be counted absent. Students who are habitually late and/or leave early from class will automatically forfeit their attendance bonus. If you must miss a class, you do not need to notify me of your absence. However, you are responsible for getting the notes from a classmate for any lectures you might miss. I do not give out copies of my notes for any reason. In addition to the attendance bonus, there will be several short in ­class assignments presented throughout the semester that will be worth 3 ­5 bonus points each. Details of these assignments will be made available during class and the assignments will be taken up at the end of that class session. These bonus assignments cannot be made up. 2 Exam Attendance and Make Up Exams If you are going to miss an exam, I will require written documentation excusing you from the exam and you must advise me of your absence before the scheduled exam time. For these excused absences, make ­up exams will be scheduled. Make ­up exams must be taken within two weeks of the scheduled exam date. Make ­up exams may be all essay. Unexcused absences from exams will result in a score of zero for that exam. Also, students arriving late to an exam will NOT be allowed to take it if another student has already finished the exam and left the classroom. This will also result in a score of zero for that exam. Desire 2 Learn (D2L): I will use OSU’s Online Classroom Community System ( to post course assignments, exam study guides, and other class related items. Your weekly quizzes will be accessed through D2L as well. You will also be required to use D2L to upload your final projects for grading (to be discussed later in the semester). Grades for all assignments and exams will also be posted on the D2L site. Please check the course’s D2L website regularly. Classroom Etiquette: As college students, I expect you all to observe proper classroom etiquette during class time. Please be on time for class and do not cause any unnecessary distractions during class. Please refrain from talking to your neighbors during lecture and turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices. If you must leave the classroom before class is over, as a courtesy please inform me before class begins and sit near the exit. I reserve the right to ask someone causing a distraction of any kind to leave the classroom. Students with Disabilities: Accommodations will be made for students with physical or learning disabilities. If additional accommodations are necessary, please inform me as soon as possible. Please provide verification of the specific disability from the Office of Student Disability Services so that proper assistance can be provided. Academic Integrity: Students should review OSU’s policy on academic integrity (see the following website –; see also the syllabus attachment). All students are expected to uphold and abide by this policy. In particular, you are expected to do your own work. You should be aware that both “taking” and “giving” improper assistance during exams is a violation of academic integrity, even if the action is merely passive in nature (such as not covering your paper when you know that someone is looking at it). Plagiarism involves presenting the written, published, or creative work of another as one’s own work. Whenever a student uses wording, arguments, data, etc. belonging to someone else in a paper, report, oral presentation, or other assignment, the student must make this fact explicitly clear by correctly citing the appropriate references or sources. Cheating and plagiarism are violations of the university’s Academic Integrity Policy. All violations of academic integrity will result in sanctions in accordance with university policy. 3 Course Schedule: Week 1 (8/23 & 8/25) Introduction to Class What is human geography? (Ch 1) Week 2 (8/30 & 9/1) What is human geography? (Ch 1) Globalization and cultural geography (Ch 2) Quiz 1 (Ch 1) due by 5pm Friday Week 3 (9/6 & 9/8) Globalization and cultural geography (Ch 2) Quiz 2 (Ch 2) due by 5pm Friday Week 4 (9/13 & 9/15) Population and migration (Ch 3) Quiz 3 (Ch 3) due by 5pm Friday Week 5 (9/20 & 9/22) Population and migration (Ch 3) EXAM 1 – THURS. 9/22; Covers chapters 1, 2, & 3 Week 6 (9/27 & 9/29) Geographies of language (Ch 4) No quiz due this week Week 7 (10/4 & 10/6) Geographies of language (Ch 4) Geographies of religion (Ch 5) SENSE OF PLACE PAPER DUE – THURS. 10/6 Quiz 4 (Ch 4) due by 5pm Friday Week 8 (10/11 & 10/13) Geographies of religion (Ch 5) Geographies of identity (Ch 6) Quiz 5 (Ch 5) due by 5pm Friday Week 9 (10/18 & 10/20) Geographies of identity (Ch 6) Quiz 6 (Ch 6) due by 5pm Friday Week 10 (10/25 & 10/27) Political geographies (Ch 7) Quiz 7 (Ch 7) due by 5pm Friday 4 Week 11 (11/1 & 11/3) Political geographies (Ch 7) EXAM 2 – THURS. 11/3; Covers chapters 4, 5, 6, & 7 Week 12 (11/8 & 11/10) Urban geographies (Ch 8) No quiz due this week Week 13 (11/15 & 11/17) Urban geographies (Ch 8) Changing geographies of industry and services (Ch 10) Quiz 8 (Ch 8) due by 5pm Friday Week 14 (11/22 & 11/24) Changing geographies of industry and services (Ch 10) NO CLASS THURS. 11/24 (Thanksgiving holiday) No quiz due this week Week 15 (11/29 & 12/1) Agricultural geographies (Ch 11) PHOTO PROJECT DUE – THURS. 12/1 Quiz 9 (Ch 10) due by 5pm Friday Week 16 (12/6 & 12/8) Agricultural geographies (Ch 11) Environmental challenges (Ch 12) Quiz 10 (Ch 11) due by 5pm Friday FINAL EXAM SEC. 009 – THURS. 12/15 8:00AM – 9:50AM; Covers chapters 10, 11, & 12 SEC. 006 – THURS. 12/15 10:00AM – 11:50AM; Covers chapters 10, 11, & 12 *Please note: This schedule is tentative and may be revised at any time during the course of the semester at the discretion of the instructor. When revisions are made, students will be informed of the changes in class, by email, and online through Desire2Learn. Additionally, revised versions of the syllabus will be made available on Desire2Learn or handed out in class when necessary. 5 ...
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