Sp09 MIS 301 Exam 3 Study Guide

Sp09 MIS 301 Exam 3 Study Guide - MIS 301 Exam 3 Study...

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This MIS 301 final exam will NOT be comprehensive, but as with previous tests, we will revisit some concepts from earlier in the semester. Multiple Choice Questions - There will be 30 multiple choice questions on the final exam, worth 5 points each for a total of 150 points. Essay Questions – There will be 3 pages of essay questions worth a total of 150 points. Chapter 9: Competitive Advantage with Information Systems for Decision Making and Chapter Extension 3: Knowledge Management and Expert Systems Terms : Business Intelligence (BI) System Clickstream data Content Management (CM) System Data mart Data mining Data warehouse Dirty data Expert systems Granularity Knowledge Management (KM) System Market basket analysis Reporting System Concepts : What are the purposes and components of a data warehouse? What is a data mart, and how does it differ from a data warehouse? What are the benefits of knowledge management? What are the challenges in creating a knowledge management system? What are the challenges of content management? What are the disadvantages associated with expert systems? How do these concepts relate to open source and crowdsourcing? The International Dimension, Part 3: Global IS and the Value Chain Concepts : How do global information systems benefit the value chain? What is the economic impact of global manufacturing? Chapter 10: Information Systems Development Terms : Analysis paralysis Beta testing Brook’s Law Product Quality Assurance(PQA) Test plan Waterfall/SDLC Concepts : Why is systems development difficult and risky? What are the 5 phases of the systems development life cycle? What is the users’ role in the requirements phase? How is an information system implemented?
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Sp09 MIS 301 Exam 3 Study Guide - MIS 301 Exam 3 Study...

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