Flood assignment_Fall 2011

Flood assignment_Fall 2011 - Flood Recurrence Interval and...

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Assigned: October 10, 2011 Flood Recurrence Interval and Predictions of Flood Hazard Due: November 11, 2011 Calculating recurrence intervals for floods, Red River near Gainesville, TX In this exercise, you will produce and interpret recurrence intervals for floods on the Red River at Gainesville, TX. The primary goals of this exercise are to: (1) familiarize you accessing and downloading runoff data from the most commonly used runoff data bank in the country; and (2) expand your understanding of recurrence intervals/exceedence probabilities by applying the concept to data from a local river system. This exercise builds your quantitative, computer, and analysis skills that are needed to work with hydrological data. The exercise will require you to use Excel and Word. You will turn in a hard-copy of your final graph and the answers to five questions. The answers to the questions must be typed in a separate document using Word. All pages of your assignment must be stapled together. If they are not stapled, you WILL LOSE five points. Late assignments will not be accepted, unless you have a valid medical excuse. You will turn in your assignment at the beginning of class on Friday, November 11, 2011. Copying answers, graphs, etc. from each other is a violation of the OSU academic integrity policy. I expect that you might work with your student colleagues if you are confused about something. However, just as for lab, working together does not mean one person does all the work and gives everyone else the answers. As an example, working together means that everyone does their own work, but you can consult with each other to ensure you are entering data in Excel properly. Copying answers is a violation of the OSU academic integrity policy. Violations will be dealt with according to policy, which is available at http://academicintegrity.okstate.edu ). If you have any questions, please speak to Dr. Cruse ASAP. Please read the entire exercise before beginning.
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I. Accessing and downloading discharge data for rivers in the United States The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is the federal agency charged with collecting and maintaining stream discharge measurements for the United States. The USGS has developed a remarkable online data base that provides both real time and historical data for all stations that have been
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Flood assignment_Fall 2011 - Flood Recurrence Interval and...

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