Syllabus 1014 F2011_Sec_10-18

Syllabus 1014 F2011_Sec_10-18 - COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE...

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COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE: GEOLOGY 1014 (Geology and Human Affairs) M-W-F 9:30 – 10:20 PM. ES 317 Sections: 10- 18 Lab Rooms: NRC 007 or 008 FACULTY: Dr. Khayyun Rahi Office: 103G NRC Phone: (405) 744-5308 Office Hours: M-W 11:30 AM –1:20 PM (or by appointment) E-mail: [email protected] PREREQUISITES and SUPPORTING COURSES: None COURSE OBJECTIVES: Our very existence is rooted in geologic processes. The resources that sustained us in the distant past and built our modern society came from the Earth. Geology is the study of the Earth: the materials from which it is made, the various physical and chemical changes that occur on its surface and in its interior, and the history of the planet and its life forms from its origin to the present. Geology uses basic sciences to understand the environment around us. Geology and Human affairs is intended to familiarize you with the processes and materials that shape the Earth and enable you to be more knowledgeable about the environment in which you live. STYLE/MODE OF TEACHING: Formal lectures (3/week) Two-hour lab, with weekly quizzes and assignments FEES IN ADDITION TO TUITION: $1-10 for consumable laboratory materials EXAMS AND MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS: Theory: 3 major exams, the final exam and assignments Laboratory: assignments and quizzes GRADING PROCEDURE: The final grade will be computed as follows: 1st hour exam (Sept. 21) 15% The grading scale is: 90% – 100 A 2nd hour exam (Oct. 19) 15% 80% – 89% B 3rd hour exam (Nov. 21) 15% 70% – 79% C In class assignments
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2011 for the course GEOL 1014 taught by Professor Aufill during the Spring '08 term at Oklahoma State.

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Syllabus 1014 F2011_Sec_10-18 - COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE...

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