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Exam 1 study guide - Geography 2223 World Regional...

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1 Geography 2223 – World Regional Geography: Exam 1 Study Guide Chapter 1: Globalization and Diversity Globalization o What is it? o Converging currents of globalization; Economic transformation. Globalization and diversity o Tension between traditional and external influences; Examples? o Hybridization or syncretism. Globalization and geopolitics o The role of United Nations Environmental concerns o How does globalization affect the environment? Social dimensions of globalization o International migration; Criminal element of globalization. Various advocates and criticism of globalization: o Pro-globalization stance; Critics of globalization; Middle position. Diversity in a globalizing world (slide 9 in PowerPoint). Population and Settlement o Earth’s population. o Important population issues. Population indicators o Total Fertility Rate; Net migration rate. Population Pyramids The Demographic Transition Migration Patterns o Push and pull forces—what are they? Examples? Urban World o Urbanized Population Growth of World Cities Culture in a Globalizing World o What is culture? What happens when cultures collide? Language and Culture o Dialect; Lingua Franca Geography of World Religions o Universalizing religion; Ethnic religion; Secularization. Geopolitics:
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Exam 1 study guide - Geography 2223 World Regional...

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