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Avoiding Redundancies And Brevity Exercise

Avoiding Redundancies And Brevity Exercise - 6 made a...

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Avoiding Redundancies Cross out the unnecessary words. 1. are in need of 2. first discovered 3. now costs 4. totally destroyed 5. brand new 6. combine together 7. merge together 8. Join together 9. continue on 10.foreign imports 11. new discovery 12. unpaid debt 13. at a later date 14. first became 15. free of charge 16. referred back to 17. set a new record 18. sum of $600 Brevity Use one word to replace each of these phrases. 1. are in agreement
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2. gave chase to 3. gave their approval 4. made the ruling 5. made their escape
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Unformatted text preview: 6. made a contribution 7. made their exit 8. posed a question 9. proceeded to leave 10. short distance away 11. adversely affected 12. came to a halt 13. caused damage to 14. caused injuries to 15. proceeded to go 16. were aware of 17. did not pay attention to 18. due to the fact that 19. in the near future 20. in the vicinity of 21. made a statement saying 22. put in an appearance 23. render assistance 24. conduct an evaluation of 25. climb up 26. held a meeting...
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