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News Story High Five Assignment Fall 2011-1

News Story High Five Assignment Fall 2011-1 - MC 2003 Fall...

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MC 2003 - Fall 2011 Dream Jobs and Career Goals News Story Assignment 100 points possible Rough Draft check (15 points) due during your TA’s office hours Week of Nov. 14 Final Paper due at the beginning of lecture on Nov. 21 Your assignment is to write a 500-word news story (about two pages) about a classmate’s dream job and career goals. The classmate will be assigned to you. You may NOT choose your classmate. You will interview your assigned classmate and write a news story based on your interview notes and research of the details discovered during your interview. Deadlines you MUST follow: You must interview classmate sometime between Oct. 10 – Oct. 14 You may make an appointment with John Phillips (he’s a librarian and will help with research) anytime between Oct. 31 and Nov. 11 at 4 p.m. John will lecture on Oct. 24, and he’ll visit each lab the week of Oct. 24. Students who make an appointment with John but don’t attend the appointment will receive a 20-point deduction on their final paper. You must meet with your TA during office hours the week of Nov. 14 to show your TA your completed rough draft – completed rough drafts will receive 15 points (Lab Writing Assignment #5); You must ALSO attend lab during this week OR you’ll receive a 0/15 on Lab Writing Assignment #5, even if you met with your TA during his / her office hours. In other words…meet with your TA during office hours AND go to lab the week of Nov. 14. If you follow instructions, you’ll receive 15 easy points for Lab Writing Assignment #5. You must turn in your final paper on Nov. 21 at the beginning of lecture About this assignment: This assignment will introduce you to writing a news story that incorporates your information-gathering skills, attribution skills, grammar skills and AP style skills. You will write the story in the High Five format. You also must include a bibliography of the sources you used in the story. This is not an academic paper so do not use academic citations. Instead, you must attribute your sources in journalistic style as noted in these instructions and in your textbooks.
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2 You will be graded on the thoroughness and accuracy of your information; the clarity, conciseness and quality of your writing; your grammar and AP style usage; your use of the High Five elements in your story organization; your use of attribution; the correctness of your bibliography; and your ability to follow instructions. You will practice each of the above-mentioned skills during labs in October. Writing the story: For this assignment, you’re going to pretend that your classmate is on the verge of fame, and you’re writing the news story for your classmate’s hometown paper. Your story must begin with a news lead of ONE, ONE, ONE sentence (and 25 words or less)
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News Story High Five Assignment Fall 2011-1 - MC 2003 Fall...

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