When to use A or An

When to use A or An - • an F / an NBA record / an R.C.A....

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A and An A and An are indefinite articles. They indicate a particular item from a number of similar items. Use An before words that begin with: 1) Vowel sound: an idea / an envelope / an owner / an apple an unnecessary word / an umbrella an 1890s celebration / an eight-sided object 2) Silent H allows vowel sound : an hour / an honor 3) F, L, M, N, R, S, and X pronounced by name:
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Unformatted text preview: • an F / an NBA record / an R.C.A. television / an L-shaped room Use A before words that begin with: 1) Consonant sound: • a carpet / a boat / a cabinet / a dog 2) sounded H: • a helper / a heroic / a historic / a history 3) sounded U: • a united front / a unique / a uniform / a UFO • a useful / a unanimous / a U-turn / a university...
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