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Common Word Problems / Misused Words / Misspellings / Redundancies / Non-words / Phrases to Avoid / Contractions to Avoid These words and phrases represent common problem spots in the language that will be addressed during lectures throughout the semester. Use The Associated Press Stylebook and Working with Words to address questions of usage. Often misused Center on Collision Presently Don’t spell out (unless it starts a sentence) 10 Redundancies A myriad of Both arms/legs/hands Build a new Close proximity Completely destroy Completely ruin Could possibly Create a new Dating back to Dead body Died suddenly Each and every Electrocuted/strangled to death Eyewitness First-ever Funeral service Future plans General public High-speed chase His/her/my own Is currently Is now Just barely Maximum capacity New record Past experience Personal friend Personal opinion Previous experience
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Unformatted text preview: Reason why Rushed to a local hospital Self-confessed Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. Tuesday night at 9 p.m. Words to delete unless they’re in quotes: Actually Pretty Really Simply Very (the worst offender) Commonly misspelled A lot Accommodate Adviser Aggressive All right Barbecue Bull’s-eye Camaraderie Champing at the bit Commitment Go-fer Impostor Ketchup Nerve-racking OK website “Words” that aren’t words Backwards Disassociate Irregardless Forwards Reaggravate Snuck Towards Use a better word Abrasion Approximately Beef up Contusion Laceration Persons Correct phrases Couldn’t care less Couple of Different from Just desert Phrases to avoid Blue-ribbon panel First annual No fewer than Prior to Contractions to avoid Could’ve He’d They’d They’ve We’ve Would’ve...
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