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Exercise 2 Banning Books Fall11

Exercise 2 Banning Books Fall11 - Which ones and why –...

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Participation Exercise 2 (20 points) Choose one or these questions and write one page giving your opinion and specific supporting evidence to defend your answer Have you ever read a book you believe should be banned from a school library? What book and why? What would you do if you were a parent and you objected to a book in your child ʼ s school? Are there any books you would like to see banned?
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Unformatted text preview: Which ones and why? – Write 240-250 words • Submit printed, double-spaced, stapled copy in class and electronic version in Exercise 2 folder of Dropbox • You will be penalized for incorrect grammar or spelling • You must provide speciFc supporting evidence – Due: At start oF next class...
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