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Day7Notes - these guitars How he came up with the idea Keep...

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Ira Glass YouTube video: http :// www . youtube . com / watch ? v = loxJ 3 FtCJJA Storytelling building blocks: - Anecdote - Bait - Reflection Discussion of interview technique: - Always have your overarching story in mind. Let’s pretend your story is about the blue guitarist who makes guitars out of cigar boxes and toilet seats. Then you want to ask him about how he makes his instruments. - Keep them on track. While I was talking to him, he veered off talking about television sets and how when he was little and had his first television set, he thought there was somebody inside the box and he kept going around behind it to check on it. It’s up to you if you let him keep talking but keep in mind the editing afterward. - Always keep track of what important information has or hasn’t been said yet. Think, “OK this is a good story about his television set, but has he said where he’s from? When he started making
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Unformatted text preview: these guitars? How he came up with the idea?- Keep in mind ambient sound opportunities. If he says, “When you pluck the strings there’s a deep, hollow sound from the cigar box,” then you want to make sure you later get that sound to illustrate his point.- Get close to your subject. - Ask questions and then leave yourself out! You don’t want to pick up stray laughs and “uh-huhs” -- you’ll hate yourself for it in the editing room!- Don’t be afraid of silence. Let your interview subject fill in the blanks.- Aim for interview subjects who are well-spoken, interesting to listen to and easy to understand. Sometimes their voice significantly adds to the story. Maybe it’s a story about a foreign exchange student adjusting to life at OSU, in which case their accent helps the story....
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