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Unformatted text preview: 1) When you finish your Garage Band project: → “Share” → “Export Podcast to Disk” → “Compress Using: MP3 Encoder” → “Audio Settings: Musical Podcast” Hit “Export.” It asks if it’s OK that it won’t be an “enhanced” podcast. Click “Continue.” 2) Save As: [NAME] Where: Desktop 3) Go to and start a basic account. Don’t worry about uploading a photo or filling out profile information. 4) In Podomatic: → “Publish” → Podcast → Create 5) Fill out: “Title”: [Episode Name] Don’t worry about a description. Click “Save & Continue” 6) The next screen is automatically “Audio/Video.” Click “Upload a file.” → “Select some files” and pick the MP3 you saved to your desktop. Close upload window. 7) Skip the “Photos” and “Tags” sections and go right to “Review/Publish.” Scroll down and select “Save & Continue.” 8) You will get a screen that says, “Status: Your episode is being processed.” This might take a little while, but you can keep clicking the link (the one that says “click this...
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InstructionsforPodcastUploadingandEmbedding - 1 When you...

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