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Photography Exercise - show worn wedding rings and a tight...

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One Topic, Three Angles: An Exploration in Photography Photography is a method of storytelling and communicating ideas. The way you choose to capture an image gives the viewer a glimpse into a subject. Angles are important. Kneeling down at the base of a tree and shooting up shows the tree as looming, impressive, mighty. Shooting the tree from far away, meanwhile, might show it for its small stature among large buildings, or amid a crowd of other trees. Think about photographing people in the same way. If you are photographing an old couple, shooting them from far away could show them stooped over, feeble, hardly getting by. But a close- up shot of nothing more than the couple’s hands holding each other might
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Unformatted text preview: show worn wedding rings and a tight grip, telling a story not of weakness but of long-lasting love. Angles matter, and each one you take should be thoughtfully considered. For today’s assignment:- Find a subject (either an object like a flower, a tree, a parking lot …. or a concept like student life, studying, youth, anger, enthusiasm, school spirit).- Take photos of the same subject at many different angles. - Collect at least three that you will put on your blog for your next post.- The blog post should be entitled something like, “Meditations on a Tree,” or “Angles on Student Life.” It should reflect three very different angles on the same subject....
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