Podcast Assignment

Podcast Assignment - gone to a particular place to record...

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Podcast Assignment For this project, you will create a podcast. You will turn in  this assignment by posting it on your blog.  It is worth  200  points  and will be graded for relevance to target audience,  use of sound sources, quality of edits, effort and creativity.  Students may work in pairs or alone. (No groups of three  allowed.) You will present your production in class on Sept.  28/29. REQUIREMENTS 1) The podcast must be 2-5 minutes long.  2) It must include narration or commentary by everybody in  the group. If there are two of you, both voices have to be  present. If there’s only one of you, your voice has to be  present. 3) It has to include at least one interview with a subject not  in the group. 4) It must include on-site natural sound. You have to have 
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Unformatted text preview: gone to a particular place to record the sound that exists in that space. Do not stage sound, just pick up what naturally occurs. (A certain amount of directing is allowed, but not acting.) 5) The podcast may not include any more than 20 seconds of a song to which you do not own rights. 6) The podcast should tell a story or illustrate a point. 7) The edits should be smooth and utilize the techniques taught in Garage Band, which is the program you must use to edit your project. 8) It must be a story that appears as part of a recurring series, meaning the podcast itself has a name and gives an indication that there are other stories or shows in the series....
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Podcast Assignment - gone to a particular place to record...

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