Quiz 1 - Matching #1 Adam Smith -Wealth of Nations David...

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Matching #1 Adam Smith -Wealth of Nations David Ricardo -Theory of Comparative Advantage Henry Martyn -Considerations Upon the East India Trade John Maynard Keynes -General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money William Jennings Bryan -Cross of Gold Speech Matching #2 Repeal of the Corn Laws – 1846 Congress of Vienna – 1815 Battle of Plassey – 1757 McKinley Tariff – 1890 Cobden Chevalier Treaty – 1860. Matching #3 Price convergence -Global market integration Limited Liability -Shifting risk from shareholders to creditors Triangular Trade -Atlantic colonial trade Chinese Exclusion Act -Restriction on immigration Corvee Labor -Used in constructing the Suez Canal Multiple Choice 1 The innovations in 19th oceanic transportation and communication (steamship technologies, submarine telegraph, Suez Canal) led to -Mass trade in basic commodities. Multiple Choice 2 Rodrik seeks to provide an “alternative narrative” for globalization. Which of the following best describes a key element of his alternative narrative? - Markets and governments are complements, not substitutes. Multiple Choice #3 According to Rodrik, which assertions made by the old narrative were NOT always correct? (1. Markets are efficient. 2. Self-regulation works best. 3. Financial innovation transfers risk to those best able to bear it. 4. Government intervention is ineffective and harmful.) - All of the above Multiple Choice 4 Under mercantilism, - Nations strove to run a positive trade balance and accumulate gold and silver. Multiple Choice 5
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Quiz 1 - Matching #1 Adam Smith -Wealth of Nations David...

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