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Unformatted text preview: HSLDA’s Homeschooling a Struggling Learner Sample Rubric for Story Retelling (Adapted from Story Retelling Rubric, Scholastic’s 35 Rubrics and Checklists to Assess Reading and Writing) Child’s Name: ___________________________________________ Date: __________________________________________________ Story Title: ____________________________________________________________________________ Total Score/Rating: ______ Level: _________________ Rubric for Scoring Individual Story Elements: 3: Complete, detailed 2: partial, fragmented (some details) 1: few details, disorder 0: inaccurate Beginning/Setting (How and where does the story begin?) Score: ______ Characters (Who are the main characters?) Score: ______ Problem: (What is an important problem in the story?) Score: ______ Score: ______ Score: ______ Sequence of major events (What are the most important things that happen in the story?) Resolution: (How is the problem solved and how does the story end?) Was the retelling assisted? _______ Scoring Guide for Retellings (for oral and written) Level: Total of Story Elements Scores: Capable 13‐15 Developing 9‐12 Beginning 5‐8 Novice 0 ‐4 ...
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